A description of the ets and ufos

He also said it resembled a "cocoon. Science journalism faces media changes, emerging discoveries Click image for article. There are no A description of the ets and ufos edges to be found anywhere; every corner has a radius, as if the entire interior was melted together as one piece.

Insight, understanding not always found in official reports, documents Click image for article. At this writing, the highest atomic number listed is Is it an electric field if so what polarityor is it an electromagnetic wave propagation, or is it a gravitational wave that is being produced.

Ancient American Indian legends include mystical woman Click image for article. I graduated with a dual major in communication journalism focus and health education psychology focus with a minor in pre-law.

There is a small hatch in the floor with a collapsing grid of hexagonal cells that when pushed aside sideways allows access to the lower level. What are these objects seen by multiple reliable witnesses? Overview and synopses of activities and operations Click image for details. Supposedly the craft uses grams, cut to a triangular shape, within the reactor structure in a cloud chamber it was shown to alter, by gravitational forces, the paths of released alpha particles.

UFOs and public safety: When the disc is energized, one of the archways becomes transparent, like a window.

The entire interior of the craft is like the exterior a dull, unpolished aluminum. Located in the middle of the Central Level, a central hollow column waveguide about 4" in diameter ascends to the top of the craft. Transcendent views affect media, society Click image for article Will audiences watch transcendent drama?

Modern science, ancient wisdom now merging Click image for article.

The resident reported an object that he said looked like "a large bright pink jelly-fish looking object surrounded by a pink haze. Scroll down the right-side column to see more articles. New ideas, ancient beliefs may explain UFOs, odd phenomena Click image for article. The following is an analysis of the way some types of UFOs travel, its the rubber sheet explanation of space-time manipulation by Bob Lazar.

Now, to give an analogy: Novel now available as e-book and 6"x9" paperback. The Interior The interior of the craft is divided into three levels: Special perspectives, new missions Click image for article. Near-death experiences, guardian angel research connected?

Element does not exist on planet Earth and apparently it cannot be synthesized The Propulsion System The craft is propelled by an extremely powerful rotating and oscillating high-voltage electro-magnetic field that produces a gravity field.

The sloping inner skin has archways in it that go all the way around the interior of the craft. I experienced orientation and training with Army Special Forces as an Army officer trainee in college.

Troops in the afterlife: Please contact Steve Hammons for more information at hammons55 gmail. This waveguide is connected to an "anti-matter" reactor on the floor, which is centered between the three gravity amplifiers in the Lower Level.

The Reactor The Reactor is about the size of a basketball.

From his graphics it looks like an 80 mm tube and that would relate to an electromagnetic wave in the microwave region especially if the tube terminated at the top at a smaller diameter. Readers from around the world visit this site.

Is this like selective constructive and destructive interference between two radiating waves maybe Click Image To Enlarge Note: The matter and antimatter collide and annihilate, totally converting to energy. Journalists face many responsibilities Click image for article.

Click image for article. If, then, it can be controlled how the two waves are shaped, then it will also be possible to control their constructive and destructive interference pattern - and hence the strength or weakness of the electric field at the area where the two beams approach each other.But UFOs are not alien spacecraft, and of course, there is no tangible evidence to support such a notion.

Why the Hype? In the s the television series The X-files entertained millions of fans with stories of aliens, government conspiracies, and one dedicated FBI agent’s relentless search for truth. Oct 14,  · ‘Jellyfish’ witness description of UFO significant?

'Dark Skies' TV series on UFOs, ETs now on DVD. Click image for article. Journalism in media mix: New shows ‘Chasing UFOs,’ ‘Spacing Out’ help prepare public. Click image of Lake Pleasant, Arizona, for article. Shadows of Deception: A groundbreaking investigation about Ufos, Ets and Alien Abductions - Kindle edition by Valerio Petretto.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Shadows of Deception: A groundbreaking investigation about Ufos, Ets /5(2).

UFOs, ETs, and Religion (Balducci’s Conundrum, Part 4)

Mar 01,  · In the above video, Bob Lazar, a former physicist working on alien UFO's at the super-secret air base known as S-4, located near Area 51, provides a very detailed description of the interior and exterior of a sleek-looking UFO he called the "sport model". Bob does an excellent job describing the propulsion system used by the UFO.

UFOs, ETs and Alien Abductions: A Scientist Looks at the Evidence Don Crosbie Donderi, PhD, a scientist who studies human vision and memory, looks at the UFO evidence and concludes that Some UFOs are extraterrestrial vehicles. UFOs, ETs, and Religion (Balducci’s Conundrum, Part 4) Posted by DrHeiser | Jun 15, The overlap is of note for more current ET contactee and abductee reports since Adamski’s description is quite similar to more recent abductees who claim to have met “Beta-Humanoids” or “Nordics.”.

A description of the ets and ufos
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