A discussion on the documentary tapped and the issue of environment pollution

What environmental problems are caused by air pollution? Global warming is expected to increase the potential geographic range and virulence of tropical disease as well.

Agricultural output in many poorer countries could be significantly reduced. Pollution is the input of undesirable chemicals and materials into an environment not capable of handling them.

I have been working on a project for some time now. In addition, the Act requires states to publish water quality standards for individual water bodies to provide additional protection where the national standards are insufficient.

These are two of the main pollutants humans put into the atmosphere in excess, and they are two of the primary greenhouse gases. Environmental Protection Agency has states and local governments and businesses play an important role in meeting the national goal of reducing greenhouse gas intensity by 18 percent by And, doing so might help get more oil from oil fields.

Another example is might be due to normal natural events but it could be also be that humans are accelerating the natural process by creating excessive amounts of pollutants. Who Killed the Electric Car?

Under the Clean Water ActEPA promulgated national standards for municipal sewage treatment plants, also called publicly owned treatment worksin the Secondary Treatment Regulation.

Those of us who are lucky enough to live in big cities give for granted potable water when we open our faucets at home. A must-see for anyone concerned about their health, and the health of their loved ones, too.

National standards for industrial dischargers are called Effluent guidelines for existing sources and New Source Performance Standardsand currently cover over 50 industrial categories. I am working on a project and it is about the environment and protecting it. But where does this stuff end up once we are finished using it?

Please post facts about air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution.

Environmental Pollution Conclusion

Local pollutants cause damage near the emission source. What is it like to experience these changes, knowing there is little to nothing you can do to stop them? Pollutants can also be defined by their zones of influence, both horizontally and vertically.

There may also be increases in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, though it is difficult to connect specific events to global warming. Other consequences include changes in agricultural yields, glacier retreat, reduced summer streamflows, species extinctions and increases in the ranges of disease vectors.

In his book Environmental Chemistry, Stanley Manahan lists several different types of pollutants, including toxic inorganic and organic compounds, high concentrations of normally innocuous compounds, and heat and noise.

Global temperatures are expected to continue to rise as human activities continue to add carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and other green house or heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere.

Environment Documentaries

But so many people ended up watching this, the government became fearful that it may actually cause an uprising when people learned to which extent the air they breathe was hurting not only their own health, but the health of every living being on the planet.

What also sets this film apart from its predecessor is that after eloquently pointing out the dangers of climate change, real concrete solutions are suggested to the viewer: In fact, the Chinese environmental protection minister, Chen Jining, had said in a news conference as the film was launched: Narrator Martin Sheen goes through the history of how this unique vehicle came into being and why General Motors ended up reclaiming its once-prized creation less than a decade after it was born.

In short, the film highlights the environmental destruction caused by coal, and the importance of communities challenging these companies to ensure their right to clean water and air.

But the most persuasive participant could well be former Saturn employee Chelsea Sexton. Unless we act now, our children will inherit a hotter world, dirtier air and water, more severe floods and droughts, and more wildfires.

And then becoming politically active regardless of what party you may be aligned with by insisting that the politicians of all parties take this as their top priority.

Another fact, is contributing to the problem is a phenomenon known as Thermal Expansion- as seawater warms, it takes up more space so as higher temperatures from global warming heat the oceans and melt ice, the oceans will rise and encroach on what is now land.

Isle de Jean Charles Theme: Sexton provides the small ray of hope for this rather sad—but highly interesting— film. As another hurricane season begins, residents are aware of the threat to their home. The film is focused on food security.‘Tapped’ is a new documentary featuring the virtually unregulated business of bottled water and its lifecycle, including health, environmental, and human rights issues.

Documentary interviews include community members, politicians, scientists, and government agency representatives. Examines the role of the bottled water industry and its effects on our health, climate change, pollution, and our reliance on oil.

Our Top 10 Environmental Documentary Films

The documentary is well structured and presents an overwhelming amount of evidence which will change the way anyone thinks about bottled and municipal water/10(). Watch the documentary "Tapped".

You'll never drink from a disposable, plastic water bottle again. Aug 07,  · Pollution has been a major environmental threat in recent times. An animated short film which deals with different types of pollution and it's impact on environment and human lives.

Environmental Pollution Conclusion. Environmental pollution is the release of chemical waste that causes detrimental effects on the environment. Environmental pollution is often divided into pollution of water supplies, the atmosphere, and the soil.

In his book Environmental Chemistry, Stanley Manahan lists several different types of. Documentary films about ecology and environmental issues will inform you of ways in which you can help to preserve -- and, in some cases, restore -- Mother Earth's environment so it can sustain future generations of our species.

Let these films inspire your resolutions to become an environmental.

A discussion on the documentary tapped and the issue of environment pollution
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