A personal account of a christian visiting a buddhist temple

There is something extremely special about the Jewish faith. I felt like he went all over the place. In Thailand the name for a temple is a pagoda. Until recently, Mahayana Buddhists thought of other branches of Buddhism as lesser vehicles.

I asked him about preparations for this Jewish coming of age ritual. Maybe it was his appearance or the pitch of his voice or his mannerisms but I found myself daydreaming at times about his uncanny resemblance. Another reason that you are welcome is because in America, at least many of the Buddhist temples also serve as a gathering spot for the local communities.

A small shrine to the Kitchen God, Zao Jun, reminded us that food is a blessing, and it is something to be grateful for.

There in the back was a stained glass Star of David. No one will be asking you to declare what faith you follow before entering. Following the meal, we proceeded to the next stop on our field trip: She bowed, knelt, and left shortly thereafter. A Tight-Knit Family As soon as my friend Tiffany and I stepped inside, we both immediately noticed this middle-aged woman with short pink hair.

Answer As a " tourist ", NO Find a place to sit down where you can avoid having your feet pointing toward the main temple statue, or at the monks, or at other people. Firstly, there is no religious restrictions prohibiting Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, or those of other faiths from going to a Buddhist temple.

The True Buddha Pai Yuin temple. What would you find in a Buddhist temple?

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The name used varies from language to language but effectively they are all called Temples in each countries native language. It was built in the year There cannot be a Christian Buddhist.

That made it difficult to follow along but luckily the English translations were written next to the Hebrew verses. In addition, I was very fond of the many pictures of the Buddha. To be distracted from God were seen as detrimental — even fatal. Oh and since it was in Hebrew which reads from right to leftthe books opened backwards.

Some Christians may have concerns about visiting these placesbut when anyone seeks truth and seeks God, even if they do not find Christ and do not believe in the Trinity, they are still worshiping the one true God, even if they themselves do not realize it.

The way in which I had envisioned their services was very similar to the way in which it turned out to be. My mother was particularly focused on the evils of the world, and spent much time warning my younger sister and I to beware the many tricks Satan might play on us.

Red donation boxes were also placed around the temple. No I do not believe so. I personally found the religious activities that they performed to be very calming, soothing and perhaps rejuvenating.


Men wear these caps in some Jewish denominations in order to fulfill the requirement that their head should be covered at all times, especially during prayer.killarney10mile.com ® WikiAnswers ® Categories Religion & Spirituality Buddhism Can Christians visit a Buddhists temple?

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Before the personal experiences cited above, I engaged with the biblical text through the lens of my bias against entering a temple and eating foods offered there. Through and after these experiences, I have been able see scripture with fresh eyes.

Sep 17,  · Spiritual Experiences: Visiting a Jewish Synagogue in Charlotte. Just like the Buddhist temple visit from the week before, a good portion of the Jewish service was in another language.

And I’m not sure I’ve seen anything quite like it in the Christian churches I’ve visited. The warmth, enthusiasm and devotion that these. Personal Question. I'll be visiting Japanese shrines but I'm a Christian. What should I do? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 8 Answers. If you are visiting any kind of Buddhist temple, what are they going to do?

Make you repeat a prayer in Japanese? Buddha is not a god, so unless the prayer is directed specifically to one of the gods that. Your personal faith is as safe as it can be when you are at a temple. Another reason that you are welcome is because (in America, at least) many of the Buddhist temples also serve as a gathering spot for the local communities.

Apr 25,  · As a Christian Tourist, Do You Care Visiting Buddhist Spots? Mini Spy Richard Gere used to visit the Buddhist Temple here, I dunno if he still does or not though.

Can I Go To A Buddhist Temple If I Am Not A Buddhist?

Do You Care Visiting.

A personal account of a christian visiting a buddhist temple
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