A plot summary of se hintons book the outsiders

Pony runs out of the house and returns to the lot to find Johnny.

The Outsiders Short Summary

They attempt to rescue the children, but Ponyboy loses consciousness in the smoke. She refuses to visit Johnny because he has killed Bob, and Ponyboy calls her a traitor.

Here is an example for a dialogue with slang in it: Also, it was a problem for Ponyboy because he was worrying about him the whole time. Following are some examples of these methods of getting familiar with a character.

Dally shows up just in time for the fight; he has escaped from the hospital. The next night, Ponyboy and two greaser friends, the hardened Dally and the quiet Johnny, meet Cherry and Marcia, a pair of Soc girls, at a drive-in movie theater.

The plot development in the middle of the story was sensible and easy to understand. One obvious answer is in being sensitive to and tolerant of the world around them and breaking down the prejudice and ignorance that keep them from this recognition.

This shows that Dally was sensitive to a death of a friend although he acted like a tough guy. There is a vagueness to both novel and film that one usually finds only in the world of romance: After Johnny tells Dally to stop harassing the Soc girls, Dally walks away.

The Outsiders Summary

Thanks to Dally, the police think that the boys are headed for Texas. Differences are created by social class, Hinton says, but underneath these superficial differences are people who share more than what separates them. The brothers begin to fight, and Darry slaps Ponyboy across the face.

Hinton has received numerous honors and awards. In the copy of Gone with the Wind that Johnny gave him before dying, Ponyboy finds a note from Johnny describing how he will die proudly after saving the kids from the fire.

S.E. Hinton’s

He is a bit naive sometimes, like in page 45 when he tried to convince himself that the only difference between socs and greasers is that greasers like Elvis and do not like the Beatles and socs like the Beatles and do not like Elvis.

The Outsiders is about a gang. Ponyboy and Johnny rush into the inferno to save the children. For example, when Ponyboy was walking through the park, and three socs came out of the bushes and jumped him. As they are handing the kids outside to Dally, the burning roof collapses.

There is suspense in the book-usually in the middle of chapters- that makes the reader to want to read what will happen next. Both groups have their friends and rivals decided for them based on class. There are a number of literary allusions for a work this short: The next morning, the boys are heroes according to the newspapers, but Johnny will be charged with manslaughter.The Outsiders was published inwhen Hinton was only 17 years old and attending Will Rogers High School.

She began writing the first draft of the novel when she was 15, and writing and rewriting took a year and a half before she was happy with the final copy. The Outsiders Plot Diagram Example Exposition In Tulsa, Oklahoma, Ponyboy Curtis (Greaser), the main character, is introduced as he is going to the movies when Socs, members of a rival gang, jump him.

When Hinton published The Outsiders inshe used her initials so that readers would think she was a man. It was assumed by publishers, in that pre-young adult era, that readers would not believe that a woman could write realistically about the urban street world that Hinton’s first novel depicts.

The Outsiders tells the story of the greasers and Socs, two loosely-organized teen gangs in mids Tulsa, Oklahoma. The greasers are "from the wrong side of the tracks," while the Socs are. A short summary of S. E.

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Hinton's The Outsiders. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of The Outsiders. The Outsiders study guide contains a biography of author S. E. Hinton, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders: Summary & Analysis

About The Outsiders The Outsiders Summary.

A plot summary of se hintons book the outsiders
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