A scene at the airport

We had to start with this - the all-time comedy classic that savagely spoofed the increasingly po-faced airport movie genre, and about a thousand other things for good measure.

This is an early highlight, with an argument between tannoy announcers growing increasingly absurd. Their trip out of the airport wraps a sprawling cast up nicely, and leads to one of the great debates of modern cinema. We may take such travel for granted, but even a cheeky weekend in Berlin involves you climbing into a giant metal tube that will fling you through the stratopshere.

When Jerry and Elaine land, Tia gives Jerry her phone number, while she is followed by paparazzi.

When confronted by the shackled prisoner in the airport gift shop, George says, "But you are, Blanche. Minus the drug dealing, of course.

Bevor Sie fortfahren...

When their flight to John F. When the door opens up, it is the prisoner. Romance, action, souvenir shops - all human life is there, so here, for your delectation, are the finest airport scenes in film history He grabs George, pulls him into the bathroom, and locks the door.

Louis to New York after Jerry has performed a show and Elaine has visited her sister. The two board the plane and Kramer confronts Grossbard, demanding the money; when Grossbard denies knowing Kramer, Kramer attempts to reach into his pocket and grab his wallet, which creates a scene.

The Airport

You ARE in the shackles! Larry Charles, writer of the episode, makes an appearance coming out of an airplane bathroom before Elaine goes in. Some right-wing nutjobs have hijacked a whole airport, and to demonstrate their resolve they deliberately crash a plane. George buys into the scheme, as it will give him frequent flier miles, and he will just get his money back.

During this, George is waiting for the bathroom. Jerry claims the first class seat, arguing that Elaine has never flown first class and so cannot miss it. Elaine sneaks into first class, but is immediately caught and returned to coach. In revenge, the skycap sends her luggage on a flight to Honolulu.The Central scenes in the play demonstrate this unconventionality as they contain such humorous characters Words; 2 Pages; Midsummer Night's Dream Act 2 Scene 2.

The Best Airport Scenes in Film. Ok, this this the very last scene of the film, so don't watch the clip if you're still avoiding spoilers for a film that's more than three years old. May 31,  · I am about to write a story and going to set the scene in an airport.

Do you think this is a good idea? Where else could I set the story instead of an airport? Anyway how can i describe the goings on inside a typical airport?. I'll use Manchester as an example as this is the one I am most familiar with. Any ideas/sentences are killarney10mile.com: Resolved.

Scene from an Airport. I've gotten to the front of the security line and handed the TSA officer my ID and ticket. TSA Officer: (Looks at my ticket. Looks at my ID.

The Best Airport Scenes in Film

Looks at me. Smiles.) Me: (Smiles back.) TSA Officer: (Looks at my ID.

Looks at me. Smiles.) Me: (Tips hat. Smiles back.) TSA Officer: A beloved name from the blogosphere. A Scene At The Airport. This is a program that handles the airport traffic simulation of flights of an airport system. This airport is mainly consists of three runways, two terminals and forty airplanes.

During the scene where Mel Bakersfeld (Burt Lancaster) and Commissioner Ackerman (Larry Gates) are arguing over closing down the airport, there is a model in the conference room of Boeing's proposed Super Sonic Transport (SST) with TWA livery.

A scene at the airport
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