An argument against employers and companies idea of age stereotyping

The second reason is that it does not always yield desirable results. Pro I believe stereotyping is an important factor for our safety. Actually scenario 2 makes perfect sense. Use Job Related Information.

If the killings could have been prevented then through profiling the wrong man would be examined whereas the true culprit would still be able to accomplish his goal. Police profiling should not be legal because it results in illegal searches and seizures and may lead the police to investigate the wrong guy or wrong type of people while the true culprit gets away Pro Scenario 1: If you saw 6 men dressed in causal clothing slacks, button up shirt, tie and dress shoes in front of your house you would probably not feel threatened at all and proceed into your house.

California actually has a "Gang Enhancement Law" that prohibits the association of gang members. Often these stereotypes are biased, negative preconceptions about older workers this can also include younger workerswhich include: He pulls the car over, searches and finds your child in the trunk.

Age Stereotypes in the Workplace: Even your last paragraph is showing how you suspect those type of people "based only on how they look" Police profiling is wrong because it is unconstitutional conceded by Proit relies exclusively on stereotyping overlooked by Proand because it could result in unethical searches and arrests of innocent people while the true criminal roams free conceded by the Pro I thank the pro for an interesting debate and I would also like to thank the voters for reading.

Being able to stereotype someone can lower your risk almost instantly of potential threats into your comfort zone. Pro I see you are arguing scenario 2. Another example came in the killings in Norway that initially were believed to be a terrorist attack was actually the work of a Christian extremist callin for a crusade against Islam.

What group would you search and question based off their looks?

Lower Ability to Learn- older workers tend to have less ability to learn; therefore, they do not develop new skills as well as younger workers. He has arrested 10 people from this area involved in drugs. Journal of Management, 35 1 Shorter Tenure- Due to their age, older workers are thought to have more turnover than other age groups.

On another note, people only have 5 senses, and when it comes down to profiling you only use one of them when suspecting someone.

General Tendencies- Little evidence supports declining performance with age, and more often performance improves with age. Tenure- Older workers are less likely to quit, thereby resulting in more return on investment e. The suspect is known to be within your city limits.

All the arrested suspects ALREADY have ties to drugs so that already shows how the cop is using evidence, not profiling, to make an arrest. From your past experience and media you can pretty much identify a gang member if you see one based off his clothing.

Not because they have done anything wrong, but because they fit a general description of gang members that you have heard about in the past. I feel the pros considerably out way any con in this situation.

Implications for Practice When dealing with age stereotypes in the workplace, organizations should: If stereotypes cause an increase in the rate of turnover within older workers, organizations fail to take advantage of skilled and productive workers.

In your scenario a description of the suspect was reported, and cops now look for that person based in known evidence of what the suspect looks like, not based in who te cop thinks is behind the crime with no evidence to suspect people except based on his warped stereotypes Report this Argument Con 2 P1 the worst part about that is that an innocent person may be searched or possibly even arrested based only on how try look, not an actual description or any actual evidence the person may have done it There is nothing wrong with this because everyone uses stereotyping everyday whether they know it or not.

Also you probably have heard that gang members commit crimes. Resistant to Change- older workers tend to be harder to train, are less adaptable, and more resistant to change, resulting in less return on training investments.

It will keep the streets clean. There is nothing wrong with precaution. In every situation there are pros and cons.Age Stereotypes in the Workplace: Common Stereotypes and Guidance for Practice It is widely known that the workforce in the United States is aging. With this, comes a more prevalent risk of age stereotyping within the workplace, affecting a.

These findings suggest that companies should regularly assess the age composition of their workforce to develop a sense of awareness, and to evaluate whether increased age diversity and age discrimination is a potential obstacle for performance. I believe stereotyping is an important factor for our safety.

Stereotyping is defined as using context clues or one's 6 senses to view an individual or. Recognizing the growing importance of age stereotyping research as the workforces of many countries continue to grow older, this chapter defines and differentiates the important concepts used in this field of research (e.g., age.

Age-Based Stereotypes: Silent Killer of Collaboration and Productivity By Chris Blauth, Jack McDaniel, Craig Perrin, Paul B.

Perrin, Ph.D.

Diversity Management

Davis argue against major generational differences in the workplace, generational differences emerged in total age stereotyping scores, some generational. Stereotypes, Moderators, and Future Research crimination against older workers in terms of higher verdicts against employers (Hedge, Borman, & Lammlein, ; Lieber, ; Prewitt, ).


This is unfortunate because cles and books on age stereotyping and related topics were reviewed and summarized.

An argument against employers and companies idea of age stereotyping
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