Analysis of stock ordering for henley ice cream parlour essay

Microsoft Window 98 The amount of ice cream sold at an outside event in order to determine its success. There is also two different grades of ice cream. Not very accurate as tubs of ice cream may have been put in the wrong box, boxes may be counted twice or not counted at all.

To notify, using an error message, when the ice cream is within 1 month of its use-by date. Question 7 from second interview — What information do you require to be produced using the data on stock levels? Has to be user friendly 8. Fact Recording — Transcript from the second interview with Emily Brittan 1.

The flavours and sizes of ice cream that has been sent to customers. To monitor the number of bubble wrap bags, using the sales data from 1-litre tubs, and to indicate when they need to be reordered.

To printout required data on stock levels in a readable form. To show how much ice cream is given away through raffle prizes etc. To record, using a form, the ice cream flavours, in each size, that have been taken to an event.

What problems have you encountered with the current system? Use of colour e. Analysis of Data Requirements Specification 1. The total amount of ice cream sold each year. How many 4-litre tubs are returned to the manufacturer each month.

It would also be difficult to analyse the sales data, as all the different sheets of paper referring to sales would have to be gathered and processed manually. What benefits does the system provide? Scones and teacakes as they are stored in the cold store; to enable space allocation.

The number of each flavour, in each size, that have been used each week. The costs of this system may be higher because more paper would be used; which in turn will require more storage space.

To be able to see the remaining stock levels of each flavour, in all sizes, at the end of the week. To show clearly the ice cream flavours and sizes have been sent to customers. Do you keep the same ice cream flavours? To monitor the number of scones and teacakes in the cold store.

How is it processed? Question 4 from interview: To show in the form of a table the flavour that has been the least popular each week. The least popular flavour each week. If the stock freezer runs out it is filled up again with napolis from the cold store. Microsoft programs such as Excel and Word.

To add new flavours to the system. To have a readable and easy to understand user guide.The ice cream industry in the Netherlands is highly competitive and demanding. It must be mentioned that a significant part of the competitors (such as Otelli, Senso Gelato and Ben & Jerry’s) are offering an extended product range in comparison to Ci Vediamo Amsterdam, including showcases and maintenance services.

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Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, We will focus on the growth of both vector and study strategies related to the Ice Cream markets.

Internal Analysis. According to recent studies, most of the newly launched products or services fail. Now, Ice Age – The Healthy Ice Cream Parlor brings to you the new generation of Ice Creams….

The Evolution of Ice Cream. Ice cream’s origins are not known to reach back as far as the second century B.C., although no specific date of origin nor has inventor been undisputable credited with its discovery.

Analysis of Stock Ordering for Henley Ice Cream Parlour Essay Sample. 1. What is the name of the organisation? Henley Ice Cream Parlour.

2. What does it do?

Analysis of stock ordering for Henley Ice cream Parlour.

Sells ice cream to the general public at the shop. There are also tearooms at the shop. The ice cream is also supplied to local businesses for retail. 3. Where is it located? Henley-in-Arden. 4. Ice Cream is Made Ice cream has always been an all-time favorite dessert.

Today, there are a lot of ice cream concoctions that people all over the world enjoy. However, the secret to a successful ice cream involves a basic process that is easy to follow. Superannuation – a significant contributor to the financial industry Superannuation impacts significantly on financial markets especially on the Australian stock exchange, with total assets of over $ trillion dollars (at March ) and large annual flows, particularly (APRA ).

Analysis of stock ordering for henley ice cream parlour essay
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