Analysis of the text art for heart sake

The characterization of heroes is indirect. The story is told by the author. Ellsworth, an old gentleman whose obsessional idea is buying unnecessary things. One mistake the doctor made is he thought it safe to allow Ellsworth to visit museums and galleries.

It is aimed at evoking a feeling of being a witness of the story. He understood Ellsworth was no ordinary case. He proved them that art is nothing and everything can be bought for money.

And of course, it required a lot of patience from the young Swain. When the old man confessed that he just bought that gallery. Why it has happened? Now, I would like to say a few words about the characters of the text.

The first character who was introduced to the reader was the male nurse Koppel. All treatment and the good work, that the doctor has accomplished, were spoilt. Ellsworth has a very heavy character. The main sphere of words. Ellsworth, I can say that he was a man of seventy-six in a pretty good shape.

My analysis of art for heart’s sake

What concerns the usage of the articles, it is known that there are definite and indefinite articles in English. His best comics were exhibited at the Purdue University, and he was even awarded a Pulitzer Prize in for his political cartooning.

His cartoons were very popular and highly appreciated by the public. He paid attention on details and traits of characters.

It tells about his progress in painting. The author described how hard it was. A lot of lexical and stylistical devices were used in this text. Form my point of view, the text is devoted to the problems of art and also it has to do with the process of treatment.

He was the helper of doctor Caswell to treat the old man. He was forced to sneak into the Gallery and see the picture his own eyes. He was no indifferent to the Ellsworth and worried about the picture Trees Dressed in White. He is 18 years old and a promising student. It was done specially to archive strong effect.

Ellsworth, the young artist Frank Swain was supposed to help the patient with his problem by means of art therapy.

According to Doctor Caswell, who was treating Mr. Despite he tried to prevent him from exhibiting the Trees Dressed in White as the old man could become a laughing-stock. Value of art will vanish if everyone shows their god-awful smudges as an eternal work of art. Gerund performs the function of an object:Text Analysis “Art for Heart’s Sake” by R.

Goldberg The author of the text “Art for Heart’s Sake”-Ruben Lucius Goldberg-was an engineer, inventor, cartoonist and sculpture. His cartoons were very popular and highly appreciated by the public. The title of the story tells the readers that the narration, obviously, will be about some men of art.

Moreover, we can suppose that the author would like to say that art’s aim is to eradicate human shortcomings. As for genre of “Art for Heart’s Sake” we can say that it is a humor story. The text under analysis is a short story Art for heart’s sake. The title of the story reveals its subject matter, but it is only when we have read the whole story we shall understand what underlies this title.

Text Analysis Art for heart’s sake. The author of the extract under analysis is an American sculptor, cartoonist and writer Reuben Lucius Goldberg (). Analysis. Art for heart’s sake. The Art for Heart’s sake was written by Reuben Lucius Goldberg (). He was an American cartoonist, sculptor, author.

The analysis of the text “Art for heart’s sake”

The analysis of the text “Art for heart’s sake” by Reuben Goldberg The text under analysis comes form the novel “Art for heart’s sake” written by Reuben Goldberg.

Analysis of the text art for heart sake
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