Count of monte christo book analysis

Originally an inspector of prisons, later a detective in the Paris force. After the death of Barrois, whom the doctor is certain was the victim of the same poison, he threatens Villefort with a police investigation, but is persuaded to keep the matter quiet.

W S Orr and Company, featured the first part of an unabridged translation of the novel by Emma Hardy. Dumas was a member of the Club des Hashischins.

After his transformation into the Count of Monte Cristo, he reveals his true name to his enemies as each revenge is completed.

Because of his political ambitions, Villefort is willing to have an innocent man imprisoned for life. Helena in the South Atlantic. While Villefort was burying the child, he was stabbed by the smuggler Bertuccio, who unearthed the child and resuscitated him.

Villefort I hate these men with such a passion I just wanted someone to kill their evil selves.

The Count of Monte Cristo Analysis

Thus, virtue is highly rewarded. He is merely an innocent pawn caught in a vicious power struggle. Thus, young Albert was indebted to Monte Cristo forever for saving his life.

The Count of Monte Cristo

Second putsch of Louis Napoleon. He makes Dantes remember everything about getting there and where to find the treasure.

Louis Napoleon escapes from his prison. Madame Danglars also figures prominently in another aspect of the plot. In another of the "True Stories", Peuchet describes a poisoning in a family.

I give it all the stars! Cesare Spada A member of the Spada family living in Italy in the fourteenth century; he amassed such a huge fortune that the expression "rich as Spada" became a common saying, thus evoking much envy for such great wealth.

In love with Valentine de Villefort. The rest of his life is spent, at first, performing acts of goodness and charity for the good people whom he has known. He is like another father figure to Dantes. Tiny Mediterranean island south of Elba. I never thought I would have so much anger, sadness, despair and happiness in this book!

The boy is named Benedetto, and he will later be brought back to Paris by Monte Cristo as Prince Cavalcanti and will accuse his own father, Villefort, of all of his dastardly deeds. He becomes famous and fights under Napoleon.

Left all alone, she and Edmond talked for the last time: Realizing that Edmond now intends to let Albert kill him, she reveals the truth to Albert, which causes Albert to make a public apology to the Count.

Fortified castle on If, one of several small islands in the bay of Marseilles. Danglars family[ edit ] Baron Danglars: He later takes a second wife and has one son, Edouard, by her. The story is published in parts in a Parisian magazine. The moment Caderousse leaves the estate, he is stabbed by Andrea.Mondego, now known as the Count de Morcerf, is the first to be punished.

Dantès exposes Morcerf’s darkest secret: Morcerf made his fortune by betraying his former patron, the Greek vizier Ali Pacha, and he then sold. The Count of Monte Cristo (French: Le Comte de Monte-Cristo) is an adventure novel by French author Alexandre Dumas (père) completed in It is one of the author's most popular works, along with The Three Musketeers/5.

Edmond Dantès (alias the Count of Monte Cristo; his other aliases are Sinbad the Sailor, Abbé Busoni, and Lord Wilmore) Dantès is the dashing and romantic hero of the novel; at the age of nineteen, he is falsely imprisoned for a crime which he did not commit and is kept in the horrible dungeon of.

Discusses the origins and the genesis of The Count of Monte-Cristo, including notes from Dumas to his collaborator Auguste Maquet.

Provides. Any book purchased without a cover is stolen property, reported as “unsold and analysis of major characters 12 edmond dantès 12 danglars 12 mercédès 13 caderousse 13 character list.

the count of monte cristo. the count of monte cristo. Analysis of Major. Cristo. S. of) island of Monte Cristo.).

The Count of Monte Cristo Analysis Literary Devices in The Count of Monte Cristo because there's really nothing basic about The Count of Monte Cristo. The book seems to fit into a number of categories, at least at first glance. Three Act Plot Analysis. Edmond is becomes the Count; The Count gets Count gets even.

Count of monte christo book analysis
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