Dominos response offers lessons in crisis

But the answer is, you can only make a judgment based on what you know at the time.

Domino’s YouTube Crisis Response: Interview with Tim McIntyre

Leadership is very important. Smith can be reached at mike michaelsmith. Track the blogosphere and other social media. We went back through the computer system and saw that there had been no orders taking place at the time that this video had been shot. On creating a YouTube response instead of distributing a press release: Several people re-posted the vid on YouTube, and as the story picked up steam, the google searches and YouTube views for the videos intensified.

I agree with Todd Defren that having a social media presence before the crisis would have bought the company more credibility and time.

The thing that I learned during this process was that even in the old days, say, last year [laughs], you could handle a situation, put out a fire. Are there any other conclusions that you can draw from this incident?

No matter how bad things are, they will get worse. In the video, he reassures customers and tells people exactly what is being done to make things better. Just as he did on YouTube. Schadenfreude or an opportunity to learn? We make more than a million deliveries a day.

What Company’s can learn from the Domino’s Pizza Crisis

The company president apologized. On his reaction when first finding out about the videos: There is a big difference, however, between how emerging social media are used for marketing and how they work in a serious crisis situation. Be connected with major players on the Web, such as Facebook or Twitter, and be responsive as possible.

Many people still searched for the video and this was at the top of the results. This allowed them to reach their core audience.

Domino’s Response Offers Lessons in Crisis Management

Essentially, a crisis triggers attributions of responsibility to the organization from stakeholders, along three dimensions: You bet, but they reacted fairly quickly. Because social media users can instantaneously create visual and textual dialogue with an organization, there is a corresponding expectation that organizations should respond just as quickly throughout all phases of a crisis incident.

These principles are similar to the 10 best crisis communication practices Seeger generated, based on the work of communication scholars and expert practitioners: I think the YouTube video response was a good idea. YouTube pulled the original down and the employees were fired they also fled the areabut the damage was done.

Journal of Business Communication, 42 2 As the Uses and Gratification Theory states, people chose the media they consume and they do so with a purpose.As you can imagine, the video instantly went viral and Dominos Pizza was instantly launched into a full social media crisis unlike anything they could have ever imagined.

Domino’s response They made mistakes, that’s for sure. But they also managed to launch a communication strategy that saved their brand from potential ruins.

Case Study: Domino’s YouTube Video

Dominos Pizza YouTube Fiasco: A Lesson in Online Crisis Management. Sticky Post By KahnMedia On April 17, Conclusion on the video response: They Domino’s PR team could have reacted faster, but all-in-all they got a relatively well-done response piece up on YouTube and began heavily promoting it within days.

©Kahn Media Apr 20,  · Domino’s, a pizza chain based in Ann Arbor, Mich., faced a crisis not of its own making, but its response was telling of how to manage such crises today.

Already, a new national study conducted by HCD Research using its Media Curves Web site found 65% of respondents who would previously visit or order Domino’s Pizza were less.

Domino’s Pizza and the Viral Video Brooke Stull Comm Final Report Susan Merryman Stull 1. Domino’s made the decision to get the facts and segment core constituencies for immediate response, rather than to “fan the flames” of a brewing online video posting when kids with a Webcam besmirched the pizza maker’s reputation.

Apr 25,  · Domino’s response offers lessons in crisis management What Domino’s did right — and wrong — in a squelching hubbub over YouTube video Domino’s nightmare holds lessons for marketers.

Dominos response offers lessons in crisis
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