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South Sudan: What is the fighting about?

Sudan fought two civil wars between the Ethnic group conflict sudan north and the black African south, the most recent from which resulted in autonomy and later the independence of South Sudan in There was a reduction in the number of people being displaced in with approximately 8, civilians displaced between January and September Religious and racial targeting of southerners Ethnic group conflict sudan a conflict that was increasingly becoming about the control of southern oil resources.

Attempts to bring fighting to an end not only in Darfur region but on other fronts where rebel groups have been engaging in conflict with government forces, such as in Blue Nile and South Kordofan regions, stalled despite a government ceasefire. In addition to mass displacements, the government has been accused of using rape as a weapon of war, indiscriminate bombing of civilians, destruction of villages and water supplies, as well as chemical weapons in Darfur.

Ethnic groups in Africa One of the clearest examples of ethnic and racial tension in Africa is the conflict between Arabs and the Tuareg, who are Berbers and sub-Saharan black Africans. Cattle are used as food and are used as a store of wealth. Violence between the two groups go back generations, exacerbated by tensions over land and water.

They speak the Sudanese-Arab dialect which is a variant of the Arabic language influenced by a process known as Arabization.

In response, the government of Sudan immediately revoked the permits of 13 international humanitarian aid organizations and closed down three national organizations. The Sudanese population consists of a large cultural diversity which is made up of a combination of original inhabitants of the Nile Valley and migrants from the Arab peninsula.

Zaghawa The Zaghawa, also known as Beri, are an ethnic group found in central African countries such as ChadNigerand western Sudan. A woman walks during a sandstorm in Sudan. The National Dialogue process begun in has generated limited progress to solve the deep divisions in Sudan.

Because southerners were needed for indentured labour this weighed against converting them to Islam, which would have ruled out their use as slaves.

Many refer to the dominance of Dinkas as the "Dinkocracy".

Ethnic Groups Of Sudan

They joined opposition forces and one of their disagreements with the government was the alleged encouragement of the Murle, as a method of divide and rule, to fight against Nuer groups in Jonglei, as some groups such as the Nuer White Army have fought against the government.

Mapel massacre [ edit ] Main article: Religious generally Muslim vs Christian and animist and cultural differences further exacerbate the situation.

As a result, violence along ethnic lines, and between farmers and cattle herders, continues to occur and has resulted in large numbers of civilian casualties.

Oil and Islam During the mids, significant oil discoveries were made in the Upper Nile region of Sudan, which raised the stakes for control of the south.

Today, the traditional clan system of the Zaghawa people has been weakened by the respective governments, and also through Islam. In a strategy of co-option known as "big tent", the government often buys off community militia and pardons its leaders.

Today, there are many Murle army officers in Khartoum, and they say the tribe is being punished for that. He remained a leading presence in Sudanese politics until his death indespite the fluctuations in his relationship with Bashir and the ruling party. Sometimes, whole tribal territories became affiliated with one side or the other, and the vicious north-south war became a defining factor in relations between tribes, infusing old hostilities with a new, political dimension.

Others, like fighters from the Murle tribe, chose to join the northern army.

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The NIF regime specialized in exploiting existing local ethnic and religious tensions, or instigating them, in a bid to divide opposition to its rule throughout the country.

This is not to suggest that ethnicity and race are necessarily the root cause of these conflicts and that the racial conflict was inevitable, but the role of ethnicity and race cannot be dismissed either. InPresident al-Bashir was indicted by the International Criminal Court, along with other senior government officials, for war crimes allegedly committed in the Darfur region during the long internal conflict.

Northern Sudanese generally regarded the south as part of a large labour reserve. With the peace deal intribal militias chose Ethnic group conflict sudan either be absorbed into the SPLA or head north and join the armed forces there.Mali, Sudan, and Ethnic Conflict in Northern Africa.

Posted on April 25, by matthewvandyke. Mali, Sudan, and Ethnic Conflict in Northern Africa The Sudanese Civil War spilled over into Chad from as mostly a proxy war between Sudan and South Sudan utilizing the same ethnic militias from the Sudanese Civil War.

In Blue Nile state, the conflict has also developed along ethnic lines following the emergence of divisions within the armed opposition group, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-North. Governance Following the coup, the Revolutionary Command Council (RCC) immediately banned all political parties.

A guide to the fighting which has wracked South Sudan, the world's newest country. an ethnic Dinka - the country's largest group, sacked his. In this lesson, we'll take a look at the largest ethnic group, Sudan's continuing conflict in Darfur, and other groups within the country.

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A. The Nubians are an ethnic group that originated in the Nubia region which is located by the Nile river in the northern parts of Sudan and southern Egypt.

Inthe Condominium Agreement led to the introduction of a boundary between Egypt and Sudan and the lower Nubians were separated from their kin in the south and subjected to .

Ethnic group conflict sudan
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