Exetel nbn business plan

If your line will not support your chosen speed tier we will inform you and to offer move you to a lower speed tier and refund any extra money you have paid for the higher speed tier.

Flexible contract terms Choose between a month contract or go month to month with no lock in! Typical Evening Speed explained Typical Evening Speed is the average speed experienced by a representative group of users between the hours of 7pm and 11pm.

Typical minimum speeds during business hours - 80Mbps download and 30Mbps upload. Experience the new internet.

This will be credited back to you on your first invoice. Critical Information Summary Suitable for Multiple users engaging in online video conferencing, large file sharing, heavy use of the internet and cloud services.

Cheaper prices on modems Our premium quality modems come preconfigured for data and phone.

This will give you will access super-low, Pay-As-You-Go call rates. It is not a guaranteed minimum speed and past performance is not an indication of expected future speed.

The highest speed tier available on a wireless service is Standard Plus nbn Optimised for streaming Optimised for streaming We optimise the performance of video streaming services to ensure you get the best possible viewing experience.

The actual speed you will experience depends on many factors such as your access technology, the total demand on the network, local internet traffic and your physical line condition. Typical minimum speeds during business hours - 40Mbps download and 15Mbps upload.

Just plug and play. Speeds on wireless broadband The Premium nbn peed tier is not available on wireless connections. Please note exetel nbn business plan the result may vary, together with plans, prices and promotions available at your address, as we process your order and connection.

You will require a VoIP compatible modem to connect this service. Speed tiers for nbn wireless technologies Fixed Wireless. The actual speeds you experience, particularly during busy periods, may be limited by demand in other parts of the network and will typically be much slower.

Porting your number is free.Exetel @exetel Join overAussies who have saved on their home or business broadband, NBN and more with us. Exetel claim to to be Australia’s largest independent internet service provider offering NBN, mobile broadband and BYO phone plans. Pro Tip: If you don't mind signing up for a contract plan you can some money on set up fees.

nbn™ for small business. Set up your small business with Exetel, one of Australia's most trusted and best nbn™ providers. Since our launch, overAustralians have saved on their broadband with us.

Exetel Premium NBN. If you need more out of your Exetel NBN plan, the telco dishes up Premium speeds for less than $90 a month. The Premium speed tier can have up to Mbps maximum download speeds.

Exetel supplies high-speed Internet services via NBN, non-NBN fibre, ADSL and mobile broadband connections.

All services are available. What are the different Exetel NBN plans?

Exetel divides its NBN plans based on speed and data allowance. Speeds top out at 12Mbps for the Basic plan, 25Mbps for the Boost plan, and Mbps for the.

Exetel nbn business plan
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