Explain the role of computer systems

Management Information Systems Storing data is only a benefit if that data can be used effectively. Another role that the computer has played in recent years is the ability to do things easily that would have been difficult in the past. Such as data keeping, automated management of data and other activities.

These systems are best used when the inventory management system is connected to the point-of-sale POS system.

Explain the Role of Computer Systems in Different Environments

They also need to know income, heath levels, and educational levels. Computer that is used at home can be used to play games, watch films, internet browsing to obtain information or to purely for entertainment such as using social networking sites or as most people do keep their own personal information on their computer systems, that could be pictures, videos they have taken, social account information.

Data Management The days of large file rooms, rows of filing cabinets and the mailing of documents is fading fast. If a customer calls a call center with an issue, the customer support representative will be able to see what the customer has purchased, view shipping information, call up the training manual for that item and effectively respond to the issue.

Each has been set up to serve a specific purpose. For example, in the past, if a company wanted to produce a video, it would have had to rent or buy large video cameras and the equipment to process video.

Communication For many companies, email is the Explain the role of computer systems means of communication between employees, suppliers and customers. Inventory Management When it comes to managing inventory, organizations need to maintain enough stock to meet demand without investing in more than they require.

They can easily manage and organise these data through computer system and provide quick access for any branches of the bank improving their customer service speeds.

Managers can track sales on a daily basis, allowing them to immediately react to lower-than-expected numbers by boosting employee productivity or reducing the cost of an item. Email was one of the early drivers of the Internet, providing a simple and inexpensive means to communicate.

Role of the computer system in different environment Essay Sample

Voice over internet protocol VOIP telephones and smart-phones offer even more high-tech ways for employees to communicate. From multi-national corporations who maintain mainframe systems and databases to small businesses that own a single computer, IT plays a role.

Some business use computer systems to assist in any of the technical area that computer are able to perform precisely.

Roles of Computer Systems in Different Environments

Without computers, it would be very hard for a bank to offer good customer service day in and day out. Inventory management systems track the quantity of each item a company maintains, triggering an order of additional stock when the quantities fall below a pre-determined amount.

In present time computer system play vital role in banking. Vehicle Registration Every vehicle has a unique registration number. Management Information Systems MIS enable companies to track sales data, expenses and productivity levels.

Over the years, a number of other communications tools have also evolved, allowing staff to communicate using live chat systems, online meeting tools and video-conferencing systems. Companies are able to store and maintain a tremendous amount of historical data economically, and employees benefit from immediate access to the documents they need.

National Identity System The department of home affairs keeps records of all the citizens in a country. Today, most companies store digital versions of documents on servers and storage devices. The POS system ensures that each time an item is sold, one of that item is removed from the inventory count, creating a closed information loop between all departments.

Larger business would have a large scale network installed to provide access to computer systems on shared network across the organisation. Computer systems at home are usually intended to fulfill entertainment purpose, keeping of personal records, internet surfing, work related activities.

Also locating the records would be entirely an automated process using computer to look up any information they need. Employees who use computers can get more done than their non-computer-using peers because both communication is easier to accomplish and finding and using information is easier.

Company would have a lot of information they need to keep records of and computer based storage is more reliable than paper based, hence why most business choose computerised storage over file draws.

There are some new trends in banking. Voting registers In order to vote, a person must be recorded on the voting register. Computers help a bank save time and money, and can be used as an aid to generate profits. Personal Banking Mobile Banking Health The importance of computers in medicine is growing and spreading rapidly.

MacKechnie also writes extensively for several Fortune companies located around the globe. The use of computer technologies is not only in the field of finance or marketing, it is also being used by the payroll system, human resource departments, inventory control management systems etc.

One major advantage of computer communication is that it is often asynchronous, which means that communication can happen even if one person is not available by telephone.

The customer has a better, more focused experience and the company benefits from improved productivity. Customer Relationship Management CRM systems capture every interaction a company has with a customer, so that a more enriching experience is possible.

Information Technology & Its Role in the Modern Organization

Full Answer Businesses use computers for communications across a number of types of people, such as between employees, between the business and its customers, and between a business and its suppliers.Pages in category "Roles of Computer Systems in Different Environments" This category contains only the following page.

Jun 28,  · From multi-national corporations who maintain mainframe systems and databases to small businesses that own a single computer, IT plays a.

What Is the Role of a Computer in Business?

The Role Of Computer System Different Environmets Information Technology Essay INTRODUCTION. Before getting into the detail, it is essential to understand the concept of Computer System. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? How about receiving a customized one? Check it out. Explain the role of computer systems in different Environments such as home, business, networking, communication, etc.

Home Business Computer gaming. Role of the computer system in different environment Essay Sample. The rising of computer technology has taken deep roots in every field nowadays.

Explain the role of computer systems
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