Frq the cold war era

If the pressure of time is great, concentrating on the origins of the Cold War is an effective strategy for engaging students with the creation of a pattern of mistrust and strategic competition between the two superpowers.

Deals with the European as well as the American and Soviet leadership. One of the most difficult things for students to grasp about the Cold War is the intractable ideological conflict and the differing interests of the United States and the Soviet Union. A cogent account of the end of World War II and the conflicting plans for the postwar period.

Objectives Students will be able to define a "cold war" and understand the circumstances of its formation and early development as a conflict driven by competing interests and goals for the postwar world.

Class discussion on the basis of student ideas may be profitable. Groups of students can explore these periods in more detail by creating timelines, examining biographies of the major leaders, or discussing main events in class: You will have no problems getting students to engage with a film on a variety of levels, since most films either operate on a certain set of assumptions about nuclear conflict that it was fundamentally irrational, or suicidal, for nuclear weapons to be used or question them.

Nuclear fallout has exterminated the remnants of humanity in the northern hemisphere. You Only Live Twice. Students might particularly discuss where the U. Students can also discuss the value of the film as a source. An older account of the origins of the Cold War, but continues to be a solid, highly readable analysis of the Yalta Conference and the issues of the early Cold War.

You can also divide students into small groups to outline or prepare timelines of the major events for discussion in class. Directed by Stanley Kubrick. One of two movies about a nuclear accident released in the same year, the film is a hilarious and thought-provoking satire about accidental nuclear war gone out of control.

Russia and the World, Films can spark discussion about both nuclear conflict and the nature of the Cold War itself.

What were the reasons the United States and Soviet Union could not agree on a workable postwar relationship? America, Russia, and the Cold War, Directed by Lewis Gilbert II. Group student observations and comments into broad categories, including such examples as "peaceful competition," "alliance building," "preparations for eventual war," and so forth.

These two James Bond movies are excellent sources for engaging students in the way in which the Cold War affected ideas of manhood, the proper role of government, and espionage.

They might also consider why nuclear weapons were built in such numbers, the concept of "Mutual Assured Destruction," and the destructive power of a nuclear weapon.

Invaluable for its accurate if possibly over-the-top examination of Cold War paranoia and the difficulty of maintaining individual freedoms in the face of a long-term rivalry with communist powers.

Crisis and Competition Continue a discussion of the later period of the Cold War, possibly periodizing it as follows: This is an intriguing novel that examines the moral, physical, and political consequences of nuclear weapons and nuclear war.

Discussion Questions Students should now be able to come to some conclusions about why the Cold War occurred, how leaders perpetuated it, and how it ended.

What was the "Domino Theory"? A History Through Documents. Directed by Terence Young. Columbia University Press, Some of these are included in the Additional Resources section below.

Students might debate the uses of the atomic bomb, or why it was never used after Why and how did the United States pursue containment as a strategy?

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Additional Resources Films Dr. Debate The issue of nuclear weaponry is key to engaging students with one of the critical reasons the Cold War endured without a major conflict between the United States and the U.

Five-tominute presentations with question-and-answer periods are particularly useful. Students might write brief reports or presentations on major historical figures, concentrating on their aims for the postwar world and their views on the other superpower as the wartime alliances faded.

Written before the fall of the U. Oral Reports The length of the Cold War gives students an ideal opportunity to present different topics or events individually or in groups. An excellent all-around account of the Cold War, including its ideological foundations and its various crises.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook at Fordham University This unique central source for documents on modern history provides a wealth of primary source material for students. Oxford University Press, The aim of a Cold War lesson is to familiarize students with its causes, the importance of nuclear weapons to its duration, and the political and diplomatic implications for the United States, Europe, and the U.S.S.R.

of a prolonged period of "cold war.". Start studying APUSH-Cold War Era. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Cold War foreign policies of two of the three designated presidents within the prescribed time periods.

• Develops the thesis with substantial and relevant historical information regarding the Cold War AP US History q5 7/15/ AM. What were the Cold War fears of the American people in the aftermath of the Second World War? The Jacksonian Period () has been celebrated as the era of the “common man.” To what extent did the period live up to its characterization?

AP United States History Questions Author: Educational Testing Service Subject: AP. Cold War Era FRQ Assignment You will work in groups of to outline a response to one FRQ. You will start with your textbook and class notes, but you will most likely also need to look elsewhere.

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Frq the cold war era
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