Hitting a softball essay

Now the mechanics of a baseball swing compared to a softball swing are a little different.

Among all the skills involved in playing softball Hitting a softball essay proves to be the most difficult to attain. Softball is not only a physical game but a mental game. The force with which the batter brings her hips around into the swing is directly related to the power with which she hits the ball Kirkpatrick, According to Houseworth, the stride should be a smooth, deliberate step towards the pitcher of about 6 to 12 inches.

Essay/Term paper: The softball swing

A glove is vital in softball; here is some info about a glove. The hips then open towards the pitcher. After the player has selected the proper bat it is time to analyze the grip of the bat.

The last stage is the follow through phase. As soon as the front foot is planted and the stride ends the arm swing should begin. These actions combined are necessary for a good, productive swing. Center, right, and left field catch and play the balls that are hit to the outfield.

The names pretty much explain themselves. Gloves used in softball are usually larger than the ones used in baseball. A triple the same also except with 3rd base. The three most important mechanics of hitting that must be performed every time by the individual are the stride, the opening of the hips, and the arm action.

The Physical Education Handbook gives information on the mechanics of softball. Our last topic is positions.

You can get an out by throwing to a base, tagging a runner, catching a ball in the air, or getting a strikeout. A grand slam is when you hit a home run while the bases are loaded, all of the runners reaching home plate, and knocking in 4 runs.

In fact, there are several videos now on the market to help the softball player perform better. Our writing service will save you time and grade. The swing should be level and smooth as it comes across the body.

The Softball Guide batting analysis by Jill Kirkpatrick gives the analysis of hitting. Softball was first called Kitten Ball and the name softball was not developed until by Walter Hakanson Encarta, For instance a softball field has an all dirt infield while a baseball field is half dirt and half grass or all grass.

The outcome of the swing is the result of a good stride and proper arm action. There are several skills required to become a good, strong, consistent hitter.

Hakanson conceived of the idea while attending a meeting in Colorado to form the Colorado Amateur Softball Association.To play the game of softball you need several things including a bat, a helmet, a glove (mit), and of course, the ball. Let’s start with the bat! The bat used by the batter can be made of wood, metals, or composite materials.

Some may say a sense of teamwork while others might say winning a game. Most would say that getting a crucial hit in a game is the most satisfying feeling of the game.

Whether it is a single, double, triple or a homerun hit, the accomplishment is very rewarding.

Baseball V/S Softball

Getting a hit in a softball game is not an easy task. In these two sports you have three main aspects you can compare and contrast: pitching, the field and regulations, and hitting.

There are more detailed areas you could compare and contrast, but these are the most common. Better Essays words | ( pages) | Preview Olympic Softball Controversy - Softball was just a hobby for many people until the ASA (American Softball Association) decided to change that. Running Head: Compare and Contrast of Baseball vs.

Softball Baseball vs. Softball Baseball is a commonly played competitive sport, mostly by men or boys. According to Sports Nation (), “ baseball was created back in by Alexander Cartwright who belonged to a New York baseball club”.

Coaches often teach hitting drills to improve batting techniques and ability. Confidence is an important factor in hitting. If the player lacks confidence then she will not be a good hitter. Softball is not only a physical game but a mental game.

The purpose of this paper is to describe the softball swing anatomically, mechanically, and analytically.

Hitting a softball essay
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