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A well developed network of airports and seaports is also among the top needs for economic growth at present. Uptill How can india become a developed all our Political heads had experienced shadow of British rule. Many people want an answer as simple as thisbut neither development of a person depends only on the money in his pocketnor development of a nation depends solely on its per capita incomegdp or economic development.

More than one-third of all women around the world who are illiterate are Indian women million. People with Civic sense This is one of the difficult task to look for.

Strict and immediate action for corruption Corruption is our major threat.

Can India Become a Developed Country?

When will India become a developed country? This is unfortunate and untenable. It meant that one should be grateful to their parents and elders for what they have done for them. Every individual should take up responsibility of having a tree per house at least to make India a Green India.

The selection of players are not done in a fair manner for most of the sports which is making us lose multiple gold medals in international level games. Each year getting from bad to worse. Reports on the revisiting of the Indus Water Treaty as well as the MFN status in bilateral trade by India have proved much too hard for that country to ignore while carrying on its usage of terrorism as a state policy towards India.

I am not being particular with you and me but this applies to the general mass of India. Increased penalty and immediate action for crime Crime Records in India are pending for ages. A major historical challenge that India has failed to rid itself of unlike most other nations, who were at a similar stage or even worse at some or the other point in time and have gradually come out of, is the lack of unity among its people towards putting up a concerted effort in tackling some of the most daunting tasks that stares in the face of a fragile nation.

Also every judgement will have an option to come out of it. You can check the daily minimum wages for your region in this online website: Nehru was appalled to notice the behaviour of Congress legislators in UP as early as All such activities should be controlled and bribery should be eradicated.

We do not need a Rajya Sabha full of the supporters of previous government to stop leaders sent by people from working smoothly.

How Soon Can India Become a Developed Nation?

A country of 1. By simplifying land lawsimplementing tax reformsproviding administrative supportimproving infrastructureimproving quality of electricity supplyproviding quality workforcearranging easy financial support etc.

First time India has seen a Prime Minister as Mr Narendra Modiwho was born in free India who took few initiative to bring common people in Political or Government decision making system.

10 reasons why India can never become a developed country.

The gender gap is lower — but still wide — for young Indians. In order to avoid any crime the penalty for each crime should be severe and immediate, and no option should be given as an alternative for the judgement finalized.

Skewed interpretation and implementation of our cultural beliefs and values. Every individual should ensure the toilet is ready for others to use when you leave. What makes a country truly eligible to be termed a developed nation is not an impressive economy alone.

Hinduism professes the concept of reincarnation.The question that I am about to address is indeed riveting and to a large extent subjective which is what makes it an area of perpetual debate.

There lies. Dec 24,  · India cannot become a developed country without world class securities and commodity markets.” He however, cautioned that financial markets can also damage, if not properly regulated.

When will India become a developed country ? and, How ?

India is developing at a good pace and we can become a developed nation if we follow these simple steps. 1) Contain divisive forces and actions We seem to divide ourselves in the name of caste, region, religion, group, sub-group, vote banks, constituencies though we unite in times of crisis.

When India overtook China as the fastest growing major economy in the world earlier this year, the significance of the development did not go unnoticed. With. However, the potential of realization of the idea of a developed India is perhaps far too utopian an assumption.

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In fact if I may take the question further to ask that “Is a developed India in its best interest?” Can India Become a Developed Country? Posted in Finance Articles, Total Reads:Published on 09 October Jul 05,  · It was committed by Kalam,The hon'ble Ex-President of India to make India a developed country by If no,why yes how it is Resolved.

How can india become a developed
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