Impact of citizen journalism

By sharing their experiences, hence engaging in citizen journalism, members of the public not only educate other citizens but also help governments and private institutions in policy making.

The first wave of this type of citizen journalism came about in the form of amateur news bloggers. Levy and Nielsen suggest that more agile organisations will be needed As a result distribution of breaking news is less expensive, faster and covered by a closer view.

Citizen journalism

Media expansion and the availability of media outputs have grown simultaneously as both the markets and technology have developed. Anybody, aspiring to practice is expected to undergo training, but it is, unfortunately, not the case for collaborative journalists.

Because citizen journalism is known to inform and educate and report from within crisis so as to enrich traditional journalism for the general public to better understand the story there is no need to emphasise its importance.

Citizens are able to provide raw, real life material that can never be filtered. Educating and informing the public For some good reasons, citizen journalism is pinned to Internet as inferred by Mutsvairo et al.

A journalist will respect the rules of the profession even in photograph taking.

What is Citizen Journalism and How Does it Influence News?

Simultaneously both models learn from each other and improve themselves. The information that we get through media reality plays a key role in the construction of our pictures of reality McCombs, This was happening throughout the s, however, once the mid s began, the introduction of technologies such as the smartphone increased the ability to access the internet and made it so that individuals were able to use it globally and on the go.

This transition into a digital realm of media has created many new possibilities for people to participate in journalism and it is due to the technological advancements such as the internet and smartphones.

To succeed in the task, the work will be divided into two main parts. Even that citizen journalism often criticizes mainstream media; it also depends on such news media content for general background information and also at least as a basis for its critical function.

Nevertheless, it has a greater error margin and sensationalism is inevitable with false reports often going viral. Bruns, Axel Gatewatching: However, recently there has been a decline in the amateur news blogger due to social media platforms that are much easier to run and maintain.

Citizen provided exclusive photos and reports. It was absolutely liberating.Impact of citizen journalism/amateur producers on world of commercial broadcast content production: Citizen Journalism is one of the most important revolutions in media since the invention of the printing press in the ’s. It is also one of the most hotly contested phenomena within politics, economics, industry and of course, journalism.

Citizen journalism offers a great opportunity in countries where the media, especially the mainstream media, are limited. Businesses know that citizen journalism has a lot of potentials and that this area is a growing and underdeveloped area.

The impact of citizen journalism: good or bad?

UKTV's general manager factual, Adrian Wills, says citizen journalists' footage and social media doesn't impact his programming but he concedes it is an increasingly important marketing tool. "Natural history and science is, I think, a different beast completely from current affairs programmes.

THE UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE MASTER OF JOURNALISM JOURNALISM STUDIES: The Role of Citizen Journalism in Social Media & its Impact on Journalism 5th NOVEMBER ESSAY The rise of digital and social media platforms have contributed, and are continuing to transform both the image and practice of.

Oct 19,  · The Rise and Impact of Citizen Journalism In these past few years journalism has undergone innovative changes in its traditional news format.

What effect has the internet had on journalism?

The introduction of citizen journalism has given ordinary citizens opportunities to become part of a global community by providing instantaneous news using a variety of media. Emily Bell, director of the Tow Centre for Digital Journalism at Columbia University and former editor of, identifies coverage of the attacks on the World Trade Centre on 11 September as the incident that .

Impact of citizen journalism
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