Lesson plan training present continuous tense

The teams then swap roles. When a student lands on a picture square, their partner asks them a question about what is happening in the picture, e.

What are you doing in the bar? As they do their performance I will write the verbs in their basic forms on the board.

Turn to another page, there is something really sad, so cry. She is watching T. If the student does this successfully, they stay on the square. To begin, the students are presented with twelve pictures of people doing everyday activities.

ITTT Present Continuous Lesson Plan (Final resubmission, HELP!)

The easiest way to do this would be to use prompt questions that would encourage the students to respond in the present continuous tense. The class is divided into groups of ten and each student is given a card. Each student is given a game board and each group is given a set of picture cards.

The chosen student comes to the front of the class and is given a present continuous sentence card.

After that, open the window and watch the people in the street. The first student in the group to guess the place wins and keeps the card.

Walk in circles, then jump for 5 seconds. One player from Team A comes to the front of the class and is given a taboo card. The students write the first sentence in English.

To finish off, students play a guessing game where they draw present continuous sentences on the board for other students to guess.

The student with the most accurate translations or semi-translations wins. I am listening to music in my bedroom now. Present Continuous Present Progressive. Then, a student from the other team comes to the front of the class and so on. Students take it in turns to roll the dice and move their counter along the board.

The first player begins by taking the top picture card from the pile, without showing it to anyone. The first player to complete their board with matching pictures wins the game. The game continues with teams taking it in turns to draw sentences until all the cards have been used.

When everyone has finished, students report back to the class on the people they met at the party. Each team is given 15 present continuous sentence cards. The other student then turns over a card and so on. Finally, return to your chair.

He is eating pupusa in the kitchen. Positives and Negatives ESL Present Continuous Worksheet - Reading and Writing Activity - Elementary - 20 minutes In this present continuous worksheet activity, students use 20 verbs to complete positive and negative present continuous sentences.Using the present simple tense, Ben describes to Moby what Mike does in Spain every summer.

In this lesson plan,adaptable for grades K-8, students will change the lyrics of a popular song to practice and reinforce the present simple tense.

Level: I Lesson: Present Continuous Tense Lesson Aims: – to highlight some of the uses of Present Continuous. – to contrast Present Simple and Present Continuous. – to give students practice in using Present Continuous Tense. – to develop Ss’ speaking competences.

Find out how to write a great TEFL Lesson plan about Present Tense in this practical guide. i-to-i TEFL.

Teaching the Present Continuous

TEFL Lesson Plans Present Continuous. Objective: To introduce and practice ways to: * Talk about what you are doing in the present * Talking about the future and/5(K). This tense is called: Present Continuous (Present Progressive).

• Explain by means of a timeline the position in time of Present Continuous Tense: • The main characteristics of this tense are the use of the verb To Be before the main verb and the addition of the ending –ing to them.

Lesson Plan Training (Present Continuous Tense)

Oct 30,  · Lesson Plan Local English Teacher: Manana TLG Volunteer: Mikkela Grade: 4th-6th English World Textbook Level: 2 Lesson Objectives/Target Language: Students are able to follow directions given in English Students are able to correctly use the present continuous Students understand subject/verb agreement Materials: Blackboard, student notebooks/paper, pen/pencil, action flashcards.

Teach your students about the use of present tense in writing with this lesson plan. Students will read a text lesson that explains the different.

Lesson plan training present continuous tense
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