Mgt 311 syllabus

Extensive coverage of practice, using actual financial statements. Planning, implementing, and evaluating training programs. Competitive and Business Strategy Variable from 1 to Mgt 311 syllabus credits. Human resource management functions performed by all managers. Not open to students with credit in MGT Achievement Motivation David C.

MGA LEC Advanced Financial Accounting Lecture An examination of reporting for mergers and acquisitions, consolidation of financial statements, international transactions, hedge investments, state and local governments, and not-for-profit organizations. Review factors that enhance and diminish ethical behavior in an organization, including the ethical dimensions of decision making, the nature of business ethics and the difference between ethical and legal behavior.

The Management of Agreement Jerry B. Lackawanna College Notice of Nondiscrimination Lackawanna College will not discriminate in its educational programs, activities, or employment practices, based on race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, ancestry, union membership, or any other legally protected classification.

Concepts related to creating and sustaining a competitive advantage in a competitive market, and the management of multi-business firms, including business strategies and models, value creation, industry structure and dynamics, mergers and acquisitions, firm scope, and strategic alliances.

Students choosing the General Management Track must complete nine credits from the following courses: Interdepartmental course with Supply Chain Management. Not open to students with credit in B.

The Learning Organization Peter M. MGA LR Accounting Information Systems Lecture An examination of the accounting information systems, both manual and computer based, for service, merchandising, and manufacturing firms. Behind the scenes experience and knowledge of industry through real-time projects and solution-focused problem solving.

Managerial skills and processes in goal-directed institutions. Students majoring in Management are required to complete these core requirements: Managerial aspects of paying employees at all organizational levels.

Thus, students have the opportunity to send their resumes to sites of their choosing and interview for placement. Strategic negotiations, negotiation preparation, buyer-supplier relationship assessment, international negotiations, and negotiation simulation.

Emphasis is on gaining an understanding of the principles of tax law and using that knowledge for better decision making. Selected topics in current and emerging issues in management.

Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goleman 8.

Management Major Requirements

Variable from 1 to 2 credits. Portfolio and Coursework Lackawanna College will empower you to experience learning by inspiring your critical thinking, accessing your talents and skills, motivating you toward a career choice, and encouraging you to make a difference. Management of stakeholder relationships.

Comprehend and explain the full spectrum of international logistics. Explain the different methods of transportation and how to assess those modes in the international arena.

Concepts and methods that integrate previous training in functional areas of management. Emphasis is placed on key business processes, internal controls and risks, flowcharting, and information provided to management.

Coverage of IFRS requirements as appropriate. Linking employee knowledge, skills, and abilities with overall organizational strategies. The role of managing human resources to realize organizational goals and mission.

Discuss the meaning of third party logistics and to assess the need for outsourcing. Describe the different selling terms used in international business and show how to apply them.

Hands-on projects in intercollegiate athletics, professional sports or applicable association, firms or leagues.


Skills of an Effective Administrator Robert L. This includes prohibiting discrimination against pregnant and parenting students.

Salancik and Jeffrey Pfeffer 5. Development of a consulting engagement from project definition through a final report and recommendations.Understanding Organizational Development Concepts Paper Mary Baumann, Cameron Hunt, Deborah Nanty, Lisa Goodman, Shalonda Simmons MGT April 20, Keep the rest of the syllabus in a safe place.

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Choose from different sets of mgmt flashcards on Quizlet. All syllabi must be posted to Moodle 7 days prior to the first day of class. Any substantial deviations from the syllabus must be submitted to. MGT/ Riordan Manufacturing – Team Strategy Plan Part I. Team Strategy Plan Being part of a group of newly hired team the Superintendents at Riordan Manufacturing believes in trusting teams; also, this is the key way to suppling work duties and completing a job on time.

MGT – Management and Organizational Behavior 1 complete the course in this syllabus and on the eCollege course management website.

Be sure to login to ecollege regularly. PowerPoint slides will be available for each of the Robbins et al.

MGT 371: Logistics and Supply Chain Management

book chapters; under the “Doc Sharing”.

Mgt 311 syllabus
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