P1 describe key aspects of public health strategies

Some diseases affect certain places more than others hence why they may be a target to overcome in some places and not others. It includes culture, behaviour and also habits like smoking and alcoholism. So they are healthy. Women are routinely invited to have cervical screening tests also called smear tests.

P1 – Describe the key aspects of public health strategies

The genetic makeup cannot be altered. Functions to prevent communicable disease: Environment is of two types: Good life — style like good food, sleep and exercise promotes better health. Some diseases like diabetes and mental retardation have genetic origin. So, an abnormal test does not mean you have cancer.

A number of diseases like heart diseases, cancer and diabetes are related to life — style. We are also influenced by genetics and biology, how we were raised, our immediate environment, and broader factors such as educational opportunities, historical events and the economy.

Internal environment relates to each and every tissue, organ and system of the body and their harmonious functioning. Good nutrition is essential for normal growth and also for resistance against infection.

So they are prone for heart diseases, diabetes and obesity. Health is influenced by a number of factors which exist within the individual and the society. There is an organisation and their vision for public health is to provide better information that supports better decision making, leading to better health.

Starvation has an adverse effect on health. So the health of an individual depends on his genetic constitution. But rich people are inactive and sedentary. This programme has been developed to reduce risk and screen for early disease as well as controlling it. Rich people have a capacity to seek better medical care.

Education helps people to understand the importance of clean environment and maintaining good health. The cells are examined under a microscope to look for early changes that, if ignored and not treated, could develop into cancer of the cervix.

Education especially female education has an influence on health. Different cultures and communities have different areas of concern as in some places in Africa their main public health concern may be drought as it is affecting their society where as are of concern may be communicable diseases such as HIV.

Personal choice — the decisions we make every day — is important, but not everyone has the same choices, or the same chances, to be healthy. You are very unlikely to develop cervical cancer if you have regular cervical screening tests at the times advised by your doctor. If the test shows any abnormality, you will have treatment to stop you ever getting cancer of the cervix.

External environment is the physical, biological and psychological components to which an individual is exposed. Socio — economic conditions: Environment has a direct influence on the physical, mental and social well being of an individual.

During each test some cells are removed from the neck of the womb cervixwith a plastic brush. We have certain programmes put in place in order to prevent communicable disease such as the smear test.

On paper, this sounds straightforward — in practice, it is far more complex. It means you should have some treatment to stop you getting cancer. Genes determine the health of an individual from the moment of conception.

Unit 1 P1, P2, M1

Taken together, these factors help explain how we got here, and even more importantly, where we can go from here. There are a few things that affect our health such as our choice in foods, our peer group, our personal choice, our environment, our lifestyle etc. Diseases are caused by changes in environment like air, water, climate etc.

In order for these programmes to be successful the problem has to be identified and then tackled therefore if an ample amount of people are contracting HIV in a specific area things can be put in place such as more effective treatment, more contraception and more clinics in that area in order to monitor the health needs of that population.

Public health is a science art of preventing disease. The tests are done to prevent cervical cancer, not to diagnose cancer.In this section of coursework I am going to produce a three-part report for a nursing student newspaper detailing key aspects of public health strategies.

In the first part of this assignment I am going to describe the reasons behind. p1 public health 1. This slide show will guide and explain through the different key roles of the public health practice in the UK.

P1 - Describe key aspects of public health strategies P2 - Describe the origins of public health policy in the UK from the 19th century to the present day.

P1 Public Health Strategies in the UK and their origins. In this article I am going to describe the key features of public health strategies as they relate to current times in.

Mar 24,  · P1 – Describe the key aspects of public health strategies In this essay I am going to be describing key aspects of public health strategies and what influences our health. Public health is a science art of preventing disease.

According to gov. (). public health killarney10mile.com are concerned about health as a whole/society and not. P1-Describe key aspects of public health strategies There are many different strategies developed by the governments to monitor and care for the health of its people.

These strategies help the public to live a healthy lifestyle and lead towards the betterment of their killarney10mile.comlling communicable diseases The Communicable Diseases Branch .

P1 describe key aspects of public health strategies
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