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Daniel Shays decided to escape afterwards, which was how the rebellion finally ended. Their first major target was the federal armory in Springfield. Shattuck was chased down and arrested on the 30th and was wounded by a sword slash in the process. When the vote was taken on February 6,representatives of rural communities involved in the rebellion voted against ratification by a wide margin, but the day was carried by a coalition of merchants, urban elites, and market town leaders.

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Shays Rebellion

Gerry, a merchant speculator and Massachusetts delegate from Essex County, was one of the few convention delegates who refused Shays rebellion essay sign the new constitution, although his reasons for doing so did not stem from the rebellion.

The second constitutional convention in the spring of was also called the Philadelphia Convention. This built the foundation to his idea of the Virginia Plan, which was proposed at the second constitutional convention.

By having the government put the farmers in jail and auctioning off their farms because of unpaid debts, the 2 merchants began to have an upper authority over the farmers in Massachusetts. The memorial commemorates General Benjamin Lincoln, who raised 3, troops and routed the rebellion on February 4, The three branches worked together cooperatively to balance out their powers.

Shays was pardoned in and he returned to Massachusetts from hiding in the Vermont woods. Vermonters responded favorably to the overture, publicly pushing Eli Parsons and Luke Day out of the state but quietly continuing to support others.

Some rebel leaders approached Lord Dorchester for assistance, the British governor of the Province of Quebec who Shays rebellion essay promised assistance in the form of Mohawk warriors led by Joseph Brant.

The two plans were merged together in the process called The Great Compromise. This particular plan had a problem with small states because they had less population, resulting in smaller number of seats in the house.

He received few votes from the rural parts of the state and was trounced by John Hancock in the gubernatorial election of Flaws were exposed in the Articles of Confederation, which helped create a new form of government thanks to the men who recognized those flaws.

Protests were also successful in shutting down courts in Great BarringtonConcordand Taunton, Massachusetts in September and October.

Encyclopedia of American History: The Articles of Confederation did not give the federal government the right to tax; it could only request money from states. They surprised the rebel camp so thoroughly that the rebels scattered "without time to call in their out parties or even their guards".

Not having property made farmers lose their right to vote. Conflicts quickly ensued between the farmers and the Massachusetts legislature. Influence is not government. It helped show some of the weaknesses the government had at the time and the changes it needed to make.

Shepard withdrew his force which had grown to some men to the Springfield Armorywhich was rumored to be the target of the protestors. Having the state produce more money would have helped farmers pay their debts instead of being tried in court.

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Radical debates were held all over Massachusetts to discuss about a better and stronger government for the country. While mindful of tyranny, delegates of the Constitutional Convention thought that the single executive would be more effective in responding to national disturbances. The state ratified the constitution by a vote of to Allan, and John Wyzalek.

It is its natural manure. The farmers efforts to take action and not allowing courts from having their legal proceedings along with releasing fellow farmers out of jail, made the people question how safe their society was under its form of government.

Some of the members from the small States wish for two branches in the General Legislature and are friends to a good National Government; but we would sooner submit to a foreign power than … be deprived of an equality of suffrage in both branches of the Legislature, and thereby be thrown under the domination of the large States.

Sheffield erected a memorial pictured above marking the site of the "last battle", and Pelham memorialized Daniel Shays. Shays rallied hundreds of others farmers to protest against the state. Places where military conflicts occurred are highlighted in red; the others are locations of courthouses that were shut down.

The protests escalated and Washington led federal and state militia to put down what is now known as the Whiskey Rebellion. This came to the attention of Brigadier John Ashley, who mustered a force of some 80 men and caught up with the rebels in nearby Sheffield late in the day for the bloodiest encounter of the rebellion: The Virginia Plan called for a government with two chambers, which were the Senate the upper chamber and the House of Representatives the lower chamber.

This chaotic rebellion had a very affective aftermath. A very significant plan proposed by James Madison, the Virginia Plan, had a huge effect on the new constitution. Being able to occupy and maintain control of the courthouses in Massachusetts meant that no more farmers would unjustly represented in court."In the first years of peacetime, following the Revolutionary War, the future of both the agrarian and commercial society appeared threatened by a strangling chain of debt which aggravated the depressed economy of the postwar years".1 This poor economy affected almost everyone in New England 3/5(2).

Shays escaped to New Hampshire and even stayed in Canada for a short time before coming back to live in New York. Shays Rebellion wanted the weapons in the Springfield Armory Aftermath.

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Shays ' Rebellion was an armed uprising in Massachusetts, mostly in and around Springfield during and American Revolutionary War veteran Daniel Shays led four thousand rebels (called Shaysites) in a protest.

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Shays' Rebellion in and the Whiskey Rebellion in are examples of two brutal rebellions that led to the deaths of many innocent people.

Shays' Rebellion

Rebellions can develop due. - SHAYS’S REBELLION AND THE U.S. CONSTITUTION Introduction Although not widely known, Shays’s Rebellion greatly impacted the debate on sovereignty and led many to conclude that the only possible solution was the centralization of .

Shays rebellion essay
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