The special treatment on college athletes

Not necessarily a crisis or suicide-based hotline but an educational, informational contact for athletes struggling with any of these issues. How is it fair that a hardworking student has to try twice as hard to earn the same grade that an athlete is basically given?

When an athlete uses The special treatment on college athletes on the field, diamond or court, the public deems there actions as cheating ones. According to the NCAA, participating in collegiate sports requires maintaining a 2. An attorney representing the University of Georgia had agreed with Mrs.

Yet, throughout all of this we can look up their on the field statistics, but what about their off the field statistics from their classes?

Through the years, society has stereotypically deemed athletes as less intelligent than non-athletes. Talented athletes often get an advantage when applying to schools. This could potentially mean that these athletes will lose their athletic full or partial scholarships, if they received one.

When an athlete receives special treatment, it sends the wrong message to fans, particularly young ones. While students are struggling to find money to fund their research, education, and tuition, football players are receiving up to six figure salaries.

Critics need to put less emphasis on the individual for just a moment, and focus on these schools as a whole. There are a lot of other aspects to look at when evaluating this. College football programs make up to tens of millions of dollars in donations each year. Reiss sees the same type of thing with celebrities and those in the public eye.

College student athletes, particularly those who play football, are given unfair advantages over those who do not play sports because of the revenue the institutions receive from their programs. With their grades being changed by coaches, up to six figure salaries, varsity sports getting cut to fund their program even more, it is clear that there is no limit to the special treatment these student athletes receive.

It is reluctant to notice that they contain more than meets the eye. Perhaps the college or coaches protected him, maybe the media went easy on him, or it seems the police have afforded the player some privileged handling. He highlighted an example from the University of Maryland.

So much that, the university is willing to cancel other varsity sports. Special treatment for athletes takes away opportunities from other students.

Obviously there are exceptions for this, but I would say that in this case athletes are not really being given an unfair advantage.

Is the Special Treatment of Athletes at College “Fair?”

Once someone has left high school or college, they have no particular benefits to deal with the consequences of head injuries or other long-term chronic problems. Therefore, other student athletes from other sports are being affected and cut off, just to fund football players. This obviously depends on the actual sport, the division level, and of course individual differences.

There are two main results to young athletes receiving preferential treatment. Yet, student athletes who play football only overcome their physical performance obstacles. These grants are usually from non-profit organizations wrestling the same cause, alumni from their specific field, etc.

Hopefully this will be the topic of the next blog and I will get the chance to watch Concussion; if not it will definitely be the following blog topic.

While these types of problems will likely continue among some athletes, one way we can help is to be reactive in terms of being called in when athletes do have trouble, says Reiss.Do Student Athletes Deserve Special Treatment?

From the very beginning of the college application process, allowances are offered to prospective students who demonstrate athletic potential.

What Happens to Youth Athletes Who Receive Special Treatment? We see the reports in the media on a regular basis.

Some college or professional sports star is involved in yet another scandal, and it often appears the athlete has received preferential treatment. May 14,  · Is it okay that student athletes sometimes get better treatment than other students?

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(Photo by Hemera Technologies). Jan 14,  · As to the broader issue of favored treatment for athletes, Hale Almand, an attorney for the two administrators and the Board of Regents for the Georgia University System, seemed to.

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Special treatment for athletes takes away opportunities from other students. A level classroom is as important as a level playing field – every person deserves an equal chance to. Do Athletes Have Special Privileges? by Whitney Burkes. I can certainly understand how it appears that student-athletes get special treatment.

However, the average fan or student doesn’t get to see the whole picture.

These College Athletes Say They Deserve Special Treatment

All student-athletes are accountable for their behaviors/actions just like everyone else. The process is the same.

The special treatment on college athletes
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