The sphinx without a secret by oscar wilde essay

She came in very slowly, looking like a moonbeam in grey lace, and, to my intense delight, I was asked to take her in to dinner. There was a terrific crush of carriages, and the traffic was almost stopped. She stood up, and, looking me straight in the face, said, "Lord Murchison, there is nothing to tell you.

What great secrets does it hold beneath the surface? Close to the pavement was standing a little yellow brougham, which, for some reason or other, attracted my attention. He looked anxious and puzzled, and seemed to be in doubt about something.

The Sphinx Without a Secret: Summary & Analysis

The Sphinx has fascinated generations with its mysterious origins. On the doorstep lay her handkerchief, which she had dropped. I was sick and tired of the incessant secrecy that she imposed on all my visits, and on the few letters I sent her.

He took out the morocco case, opened it, and looked at the photograph. At six I called to see her. I turned round, and saw Lord Murchison. She looked like a clairvoyante, and was wrapped in rich furs. At last I determined to ask her to be my wife: I had liked him immensely, he was so handsome, so high-spirited, and so honourable.

When the waiter brought us our coffee and cigarettes I reminded Gerald of his promise. On coming to the last house in the street, she went up the steps, took out a latch-key, and let herself in.

The Sphinx Without a Secret

I knocked at the door, and a respectable- looking woman opened it to me. She had caught a chill at the Opera, and had died in five days of congestion of the lungs. She was tall and slight, and strangely picturesque with her large vague eyes and loosened hair.

I fell passionately, stupidly in love, and the indefinable atmosphere of mystery that surrounded her excited my most ardent curiosity. It fascinated me immediately. I did not know what to say, so I gave her a sovereign and went away. All that night I kept thinking of it, and all the next day.

The Sphinx For centuries, generations have been obsessed with this striking monument in Egypt, known as the Great Sphinx. Finally the servant threw open the door, and announced Lady Alroy. He rose from his seat, walked two or three times up and down the room, and, sinking into an armchair, told me the following story:A classic short story by Oscar Wilde, especially adapted for English learners.

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The Sphinx Without a Secret by Oscar Wilde

for you. for only $/page. It seemed to me the face of some one who had a secret, but whether that secret was good or evil I could not say.

Its beauty was a beauty moulded out of many mysteries - the beauty, in fact, which is psychological, not plastic - and the faint smile that just played across the lips was far too subtle to be really sweet. The Sphinx Without a Secret by Oscar Wilde. shabbiness (shabby) poor, showing signs of long usage immensely in great extent high-spirited proud, unbroken spiryt frankness straightforwardness a great deal of her change she changed for better puzzled when someone has a problem and tries to solve it or understand it stoutest stubborn.

Below is an essay on "Analyzing a short story: The sphinx without a secret by Oscar Wilde" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, /5(1). The Sphinx Without a Secret. From Lord Savile's Crime and Other Stories () One afternoon I was sitting outside the Cafe de la Paix, watching the splendour and shabbiness of Parisian life, and wondering over my vermouth at the strange panorama of pride and poverty that was passing before me, when I heard some one call my name.

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The sphinx without a secret by oscar wilde essay
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