What if essays on alternate history

For example, Metal Gear 2: Since the late s, Harry Turtledove has been the most prolific practitioner of alternate history and has been given the title "Master of Alternate History" by some. One, remove the US from the picture completely.

List of alternate history fiction

There was also dissent and corruption as well as stagnation that i highlighted in the above paragraph. One chapter mentions a fantasy novel in which the Emperor suffered a major defeat in the Belgian town of Waterloo. Then there was the American supermarket tabloid The Sun. He did get a few things wrong, however—such as having a clock strike in Julius Caesar, years before such clocks were invented.

He is successful in his mission, but in the process allows Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union to become powerful enough to launch a massive campaign to conquer Europe. The political division of the continent is considerably altered, with two large English colonies bookending a smaller "American" nation, one aligned with England, and the other governed by exiled Cavaliers.

In this history, while Reagan died 19 years early, other people are granted extended lives. In World of Winxthe seven fairies- Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna, Flora, Aisha and Roxy- live on Earth, where humans are ignorant of the existence of fairies or belief in magic; much unlike the fourth season of Winx Club, where they had brought all magic back to Earth by releasing its terrestrial fairies.

These communities are transported from the present or the near-future to the past or to another time-line via a natural disaster, the action of technologically advanced aliens, or a human experiment gone wrong.

In both science fiction and fantasy, whether a given parallel universe is an alternate history may not be clear. Strikingly, the characters in Ada seem to acknowledge their own world as the copy or negative version, calling it "Anti-Terra" while its mythical twin is the real "Terra.

Fredric Brown employed this subgenre to satirize the science fiction pulps and their adolescent readers—and fears of foreign invasion—in the classic What Mad Universe She would then record a hit song with Frank Sinatra, make bad films, and give up acting in to look after her drug-addicted twin sons.

What if the D-Day invasion had failed in ? For one, the Nazis would have to keep on their toes regarding partisan activities in their newly conquered territories.

Eventually each settles into the reality most suitable for him or her. This was because Hitler expected the same Blitzkrieg — combined Arms attack — strategy to work on the Eastern Front as it did in France.

As such, guerrilla operations were very effective in the Nazi occupied regions, significantly disrupting military operations in those areas. A more recent example is Making History by Stephen Fryin which a time machine is used to alter history so that Adolf Hitler was never born.

Here are some of their intriguing conclusions. Prior to Everett, science-fiction writers drew on higher dimensions and the speculations of P.

Dean would later become the Democratic Governor of California, consigning his opponent Ronald Reagan to the dustbin of history.

An Essay on the Nazi Victory scenario

World War II would have been avoided. Even at Kursk, Hitler did not give the generals any autonomy, leading to the loss of much of the German tank forces in Russia at that time. Science, not so much. What if Christianity missed the West?

Republicans win every election for the next 30 years. Forstchen have written a novel,in which the U. What if Germany had invaded Britain by sea?

What if Napoleon had kept going? World War II might have ended earlier—but Hitler would still have lost. Trevelyan, suggested that Napoleon would lose interest in expanding his empire, partly because his health was suffering, and partly because the mood in Paris was for peace.Here are seven more intriguing ways the world could be completely different.

1. What if the Romans won the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest? Alternate Histories: 7 More Ways the World Could Be. Alternative History Books - History is a subject that some people may find interesting, and some may feel as if it is useless knowledge of facts.

What Ifs? of American History: Eminent Historians Imagine What Might Have Been (What If Essays) [Robert Cowley] on killarney10mile.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Did Eisenhower avoid a showdown with Stalin by not taking Berlin before the Soviets?/5(36).

The 'If' Moment: A Brief History of Alternate Histories. In this essay for killarney10mile.com, Newman expounds upon the alternate history genre's roots and modern incarnations.

- -. What If? Is a collection of essays by eminent historians prospecting over how history may have diverged due to a change in time. It was published by Rupert Cohen in Fall of Hamburg The city-state of Hamburg falls to the Kalmar Union Ian McNelson Burns at the Stake, Is the. This is a list of alternate history fiction, sorted by type.

Novels by date of publication Before Tirant a collection of alternate history essays. – Doctor Who has made extensive use of alternative history, especially (but not .

What if essays on alternate history
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